liquid level sensors

Liquid Level Sensors

Comparison of Submersible, Gauge and Differential Pressure Transducers for Hydrostatic Level Measurement

Monitoring the level of liquid can be accomplished through the use of a pressure transducer. The density of the liquid and its height create pressure on the diaphragm of the pressure transducer to generate an accurate and cost effective level measurement. Generally, pressure transducers can be used for level measurement from 10 inches of water column, up to 10,000 PSI (700 bar).

Pressure transducers can either be submerged in the liquid or mounted externally.  Submersible pressure transducers can be installed freely or with a rigid conduit to monitor the hydrostatic liquid above it.  As the liquid level decreases, the output decreases. Submersible sensors are commonly used in vented tanks such as diesel tanks or for water and waste water level.  For more details, click here: Tank Level Sensors - Submersible

Pressure transducers can also be mounted to the side or bottom of the tank through a separate line, feed line or drain line.  This design can cost less, as it doesn't require a special cable, and installation is quick.  Differential pressure transducers can be used on vented or sealed tanks, measuring the difference in pressure between the top and bottom of the tank.  For more details click here: Tank Level Sensors - External

Here is a list of some standard products available for liquid level measurement.

Submersible Pressure Transducers

submerisble pressure transducer in tank submerisble pressure transducer

AST4500 / AST4510 - Submersible Pressure Transducer - The AST4500 and AST4510 submersible pressure transducer is a cost effective level sensor. Designed with stainless steel and Hytrel materials, these sensors can measure level for various liquids including water and deisel. Pressures from 1 PSI allow users to measure short, horizontal tanks as well as up to 150 PSI storage tanks. Voltage signals are common for battery operated or solar powered devices, whereas 4-20mA outputs are common for long transmissions. Each sensor is ABS certified for use on ships and intrinsically safe for Groups C and D when used with a barrier.

Tank Mounted Pressure Transducers

tank mounted pressure transducer tank mount pressure transducer

AST44LP - Intrinsically Safe Low Pressure Transducer - With pressure ranges as low as 1 PSIG, the AST44LP offers the best price to performance ratio for tank level monitoring in the sensor industry. The sensor is threaded into the bottom of the tank or into a line in which the head pressure from the liquid above is present. The AST44LP is also rated for intrinsically safe areas with installed with an approved barrier. With a compact size, this pressure transmitter can be mounted in compact areas, yet provide accurate measurements of liquids and gases.

flush diaphragm submersible transmitter

AST4520 - Non-Clogging Level Sensor - Similar to the AST4500 and AST4510, the AST4520 is is ABS certified for use on ships and intrinsically safe for Groups C and D with a barrier. The main feature of the AST4520 is its flush, non-clogging corrugated diaphragm. Available with or without a steel cage, the AST4520 measures more viscous liquids, has added weight and PVDF cable material. A conduit connection is standard at the cable exit.

AST46DS Explosion-Proof Pressure Transducer with LCD Display

AST46DS - Explosion-Proof Pressure Transducer with LCD Display - Similar to the AST44LP, the AST46DS is manufactured for tank level measurements. It features explosion-proof and non-incendive ratings and a local LCD display. With an operating voltage as low as 8VDC, the AST46DS works well with remote electronics and limited power.

submersible pressure transducer

AST4530 - PVDF Liquid Level Transducer - The AST4530 submersible pressure transducer is designed to measure liquid level of harsh or corrosive liquids. The AST4530 features submersible PVDF cable, cord grip and housing and a PTFE diaphragm. A 1 inch conduit connection is standard at the cable for turbulent installations such as on-board ships, turbulent tanks, and rail cars. Please use our AST4530 liquid/gas compatibility chart as a general guideline for media compatibility.

AST5100 differential pressure transmitter

AST5100 - Differential Pressure Transmitter - Low Pressure - Low Pressure - The AST5100 can be mounted as a gauge pressure transmitter or differential pressure transmitter for monitoring liquid level as low as 10 inches of water column. Common to bubbler systems, this differential transmitter can detect small changes in pressure for a very reasonable price.

submerisble pressure transducer

AST45PT - Liquid Level and Temperature Transmitter - For non-hazardous applications, AST offers the AST45PT liquid level and temperature transmitter for monitoring both liquid level and temperature from a single device. Monitoring temperature can be important to ensure that liquids to not freeze or boil or to calculate density at a given point in time.

AST5300 differential pressure transducer

AST5300 - Explosion Proof Differential Pressure Transmitter - Used in high line pressure (1500 PSI) applications, the AST5300 is an explosion proof and non-incendive rated differential pressure transducer with no liquid filled cavities and a high turndown ratio. For pressurized sealed tanks, the AST5300 can measure the level by detecting the difference in pressure between the top and bottom of the tank when the high and low process connections are connected to the top and bottom, respectively.

Custom Liquid Level Sensors

AST manufactures a variety of custom liquid level sensors and solutions for OEM applications. If you find a product that is close to a solution, but not exactly what you hoped for, please contact us and an engineer will follow up with you regarding our custom capabilities for pressure ranges, outputs, sizes and materials.

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