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Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters

Intrinsically Safe Pressure Measurement AST4400 IS Approved

AST4400 - Intrinsically Safe Pressure Sensor / Transmitter are manufactured to meet Class I Division 1 Intrinsically Safe Groups C and D and ATEX / IECEx Class I Zone 0 Exia IIB T4. Available in 316L, Hastelloy C276, Inconel 718, and 17-4 PH stainless steel material, the AST4400 intrinsically safe pressure transmitter can meet customer requirements for a variety of liquids and gases from 25 PSI (2bar) up to 10,000 PSI (700 bar). Pressures are now available up to 20,000 PSI in CSA rated versions.

Intrinsically Safe Submersible Level Sensors submerisble pressure transducer

AST4500/AST4510 - Submersible Level Sensor provides level measurement for pressures as low as 0-1 PSI (27.68 inches of water column). It features stainless steel and Hytrel wetted materials, low measurement ranges, and the best price to performance in the industry. It is popular for tank level monitoring for water, oils and diesel as well as ship applications requiring ABS Type approval. The AST4500 submersible level sensor is used for pressure ranges above 15 PSI. Both products can be used in liquids requiring intrinsically safe approvals when installed with an approved barrier.

AST4401 IS Approved

AST4401 - Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter Groups A, B, C, D - For applications requiring intrinsically safe pressure measurement for Groups A and B and ATEX / IECEx Class I Zone 0 Exia IIC T4, AST manufactures the AST4401. It matches the same performance and characteristics as the AST4400, yet meets Groups A and B certification with a supply voltage limited to a maximum of 15.5VDC.

flush diaphragm submersible transmitter

AST4520 - Non-Clogging Level Sensors - Certain liquids can have a viscous consistency in which traditional level sensors become clogged. AST4520 level sensors provide a flush diaphragm protected by a weighted cage, to continuously monitor level in applications such as wastewater, grease, and lubrication tanks.

tank mount pressure transducer

AST44LP - Intrinsically Safe Low Pressure Transmitter is a compact, low cost solution. Measuring from 1 PSI up to 15 PSI, the AST44LP is available in voltage and current output signals for complete flexibility. From external tank monitoring to low pressure gas systems, the AST44LP is an accurate sensor solution. The addition of the bi-directional pressure range makes the AST44LP an excellent solution for vapor recovery units and exhaust monitoring systems.

submersible pressure transducer

AST4530 - PVDF Submersible Pressure Transducer was developed for applications where stainless steel cannot survive. It is a cost effective alternative to ultrasonic and radar devices without the effects of foam, reflectivity, or response time delays. Available in pressures from 2.5 PSIG, the AST4530 is a CSA certified intrinsically safe pressure transducer when used with an approved barrier and certified to ATEX Class I Zone 0 Exia IIB T4 (0 to 60°C).

Hammer Union

Hammer Union - pressure transmitter is a US manufactured pressure transmitter with Weco™ process connections. Offered with 4-20mA output signals, this design features high shock and vibration resistance, with testing up to 1000G. Pressure is measured from an Inconel 718 sensing element using MEMS silicon based strain gages to produce accurate repeatable measurements. The cage design allows for protection of both the connector and mating connector. The modular enclosure allows for simple factory replacement of the transmitter at a fraction of the cost of the whole assembly.

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