Wind Energy Pressure Sensors

Wind Energy Pressure Sensors

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The windmill is a machine employed to convert wind energy into electricity. Due to their remote locations, sensors are critical components in operation, maintenance and safety of wind mills, making their selection important. Pressure sensors are used to monitor yaw brake, lubrication oil, cooling circuit pressure, and level in gear boxes. Temperature sensors are also used in the cooling circuits. Differential pressure sensors are used to monitor the filter condition. As the hydraulic filter becomes clogged, the output signal increases, thus notifying the controller to replace the filter.

Windmills are located in deserts, coastal areas and mountain tops; creating a need for universal survival of the instrumentation and equipment installed on them. Operating temperature for these windmills can range from -50 to 60°C. For example, along the coast windmills are subject to salt mist and fog, a leading form of corrosion. The instrumentation used to monitor the operating conditions for the windmill needs to run in these severe conditions while offering reliability and trouble free service.

AST5400 Differential Pressure Sensor

Pressure sensors, differential pressure sensors and pressure-temperature sensors from AST are ideal for the windmill applications. These sensors are rugged and can be operated over wide ranges of temperature and environments, from deserts to coastal plains.

The AST4000 industrial pressure sensor offers high proof and burst ratings with excellent EMC protection.

The AST5400 differential pressure transducer offers filter condition monitoring with linear and accurate readings.

The AST20HA precision pressure transducers / 0.1% pressure transmitter offers both pressure and temperature readings from one device, reducing process penetrations in the hydraulic system.

The AST4510 submersible level sensor (intrinsically safe) measures the level of the oil reservoir while offering temperature output as an option. Maintaining and monitoring the level of oil is critical to maintain smooth supply of power from the windmill.


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