ABS Type Approved Pressure Sensors for Marine / Offshore

Freight Ship American Sensor Technologies, Inc. (AST) has obtained ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) approvals for several models of pressure sensors used in marine and offshore applications.  The ABS rating certifies that these AST sensors are approved for use on ABS classed vessels.  ABS approved pressure sensors from AST offer distinct advantages and applications for ships, barges, offshore oil platforms and desalination.  Pressure products include:

ABS approved pressure sensors

AST4000 and AST20HA OEM pressure sensors: Main applications include engine room pressure monitoring for oil, coolant and fuel, hydraulics, cranes and desalination equipment. HVAC/R controls can increase efficiency by monitoring pressure changes over time.

AST4300, AST43LP, AST4400, AST44LP, AST4600, AST46HA, and AST46PT hazardous location pressure transmitters: Operate in hazardous area such as fuel storage, boiler room, engine control units, natural gas engines, dual fuel (natural gas/diesel) systems for ships, power generation and energy management.

Submarine Models AST4500, AST4510, AST4520 and AST4530 submersible pressure transducers are ideal for marine tank level measurements for water, fuel, wastewater, desalination systems and ballast. Our submersible pressure transducers have all stainless steel construction and are standard with a conduit electrical connection for installation in flood prone areas. The AST4520 series is designed with a flush diaphragm to prevent clogging in viscous liquids. The AST4530 is constucted of PVDF material, to survive chemicals and corrosive liquids in which stainless steel does not.

AST5300 and AST5400 differential pressure transducers: Mainly used for flow and filtration applications in water, fuel, oil and hydraulics. For OEM marine applications, an added line pressure or temperature output signal are optional. With the expansion of LNG transportation, the need for accurate level measurement of sealed tanks using a differential pressure transducer has increased.

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